Talk with Internship EP.04 – Yok

KPC TALK | 30/10/2020

          Interning at operation team of KPC has imparted me with cross cultural skills and qualities, providing me with greater knowledge and understanding of international business explicitly relating to supply chain, sales, and logistics. I really enjoyed my placement, the team that I worked in was very welcoming and was always willing to lend a hand if I needed it. The variety of work that I completed and help with was really great, as it meant that throughout the placement I was always kept on my toes and learnt new things. The office was always cheery and a great place to work, I immediately felt at home in the office. Getting to know people form a variety of teams was easy and I have friendships that will last long after my placement has finished.

“Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again” – Richard Branson

          I think I got a good level of insight into working life and this helped me when I was preparing for the transition to the working world. I also really enjoyed seeing the ways things are done in practice and how this compares to the explanations and methods that I learnt during my degree. I think that overall the Internship provides a high level of transferable skills and that these are very helpful for anyone to have.


November 16, 2022
Let’s Get To Know EP3 : Web Application (Front-end Developer)

การทำงานในตำแหน่ง Web Application (Front-end Developer) เป็นอย่างไรน้าา? 👋💨

Ep. นี้ เราจะพาทุกคนมาทำความรู้จักบทบาท หน้าที่ต่างๆ ของ Web Application (Front-end Developer) กับ Exclusive Interview จาก พี่เทป Head of Front-end Engineer Technology

October 18, 2022
Let’s Get To Know EP2 : Software Engineer

การทำงานในตำแหน่ง Software Engineer เป็นอย่างไรน้าา? 🙉👋

วันนี้เรามีคำตอบ! เราเชิญพี่เอ็กซ์ Head of API มาคุยเกี่ยวกับตำแหน่ง Software Engineer

September 9, 2022
Let’s Get To Know EP1 : Quality Assurance (QA)

‘สงสัยมั้ยการทำงาน QA เป็นอย่างไร’ 🔎⚡️

วันนี้จะพาทุกคนมารู้จักกับพี่เจ้  Head of Software Quality Assurance ของเรา

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