Talk with Internship EP.02 – ARTHUR

KPC TALK | 27/07/2020
My intern experience at King Power Click was an interesting one.

The experience of having an internship here is something that I cannot regret, it was one of the best experiences in my life As a foreigner living and studying in Thailand, the language was the hardest part of learning, aside from basic numbers and buying food the rest was a big question mark for me. I am currently 2 months into my internship as a Web Back-end dev.

My first week was getting to know the people and the environment I am in. At first, it was kind of uncomfortable that I am the only foreigner here and sometimes I get mistaken that I am Thai’s, as time goes by and more people know me more, communication gets easier and easier. The people I met in King Power Click are really friendly and easy-going, they always approached me first and asked me to join them for lunch or activities. This makes me feel bad for not approaching first since I am not confident enough to approach them, but this motivated me to learn Thai language.

I was tasked with a programming language that I never touch and knowing this they really guide me and taught me to get me started. Special mention to my supervisor, he really took the time and guided me through the company’s workflow, technical knowledge, small details in Web-Development, and proper implementation of code in a production stage.

The one thing that really made me happy interning here is, they really nurture and guide you to be ready for a workplace environment at the same time teaching you to have a balance with work and social life. Am grateful to have such a caring and patient supervisor and co-workers. I hope that I helped lighten up my supervisors and co-worker’s work.

Overall, I cannot emphasize enough how King Power Click helped me grow my soft and hard skills to a workplace level. This is just 1 month of internship in King Power Click,I truly hope that i can come back here again after my studies. I can’t wait for what’s ahead.


November 17, 2020
Talk with Internship EP.07 – Kim

Thank you for the opportunity that gave good colleague and experience
Kanyarat T. (Kim)
Position : Content Creator
Department : Marketing

November 16, 2020
Talk with Internship EP.06 – Pro

Thank you for making my time at KPC a good learning and experience.
Korpong S. (Pro)
Position : E-commerce partnership coordinator
Department : Marketing

November 16, 2020
Talk with Internship EP.05 – Kuar

I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to complete my internship at KPC.
Noppasit T. (Kuar)
Position : Marketing E-commerce Trainee
Department : Marketing

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